Your own Remote dedicated Staff, on time and budget

  • For sales, marketing, customer support, Internet researches, data entry and other tasks

  • Hire remote assistants and other support staff to perform any tasks to save valuable time of your team.


Save time and money on your in-house activities

Save time and money on sales and marketing

Fuel your business with more prospects and leads

Focus on closing deals. We’ll take care of the routine work

Perfect Support for your Business




Sales Support

Build databases of potential customers, send cold letters, schedule calls or meetings for your team, and answer FAQs about your services\products


Marketing Support

Undertake keyword research, link building, social media management, online reputation management, work with content management


Personal Assistant

Handle mails, schedule calls and set appointments, work with documents and just about anything else an in-house associate can do


Customer Support

Provide 24-hour, multi-lingual support to your customers, and answer questions from customers via phone, email, live chats or social media


Recruiting Support

Advertising for candidates, filtering and reviewing resumes, performing background checks when necessary and arranging interviews for HRM


IT Consulting 

IT consulting and network support including managed IT services, cloud computing, network installation and upgrade services, network security, remote data backup, and network consulting.


Data Entry

Tasks related to the collection, maintenance, and storage of information, cleaning existing datasets, verifying coupons and applicants


Order/warehouse management 

Support your team with order and payment status requests, compose and proof invoices, enter order details into a CRM or order management software


Just about anything else

Mindy Supports is all about connecting businesses with the talented professionals they’re looking for. No matter what type of support they need.


Mindy Supports – Your dedicated remote staff, on time and on budgetCONTACT US

Why Choose Mindy Supports?

Mindy Supports offers a flexible and affordable range of services to help your company tackle routine and administrative work. Our teams of experienced and motivated remote dedicated assistants are up for any challenge and will deliver results on time and on budget. Still not convinced? Here are just some of the reasons why companies worldwide choose Mindy Supports to supplement their sales, marketing and customer service teams.

Dedicated Personnel

Unlike other remote assistant service providers who rotate staff from account to account, Mindy Supports provides dedicated teams who you’ll get to know and trust. That means that, over time, your assistant or assistants will gain an in-depth knowledge of your business’s products, services, and culture.

Multilingual Support

Mindy Supports offers assistants skilled in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, and Dutch. No matter where your business takes you, we can find assistants with the language skills to support your clients and in-house staff. Just get in touch to find out more.

The Right People

Mindy Supports’ remote assistants are top college grads handpicked for their interpersonal skills, motivation, and desire to work with international companies. We match our assistants’ strengths with your unique needs, ensuring that you have the human resources you need to be effective.


Mindy Supports is there when you need us. We can quickly upscale or downscale teams based on your needs with full or part-time personnel. Our service packages are designed for modern businesses with real-world needs, and there’s bound to be one that’s right for you.

Cost savings

Working with Mindy Supports’ dedicated remote assistants can save your company up to 50% on staffing, when compared with hiring locally. We take care of the overhead like office space, workstations, and employee benefits. That means you only pay for your assistant’s time.

Driven by your need

Whether it’s sales, marketing, customer service, or something else entirely, Mindy Supports provides dedicated remote assistants who fit your needs. Our recruitment team can find specialists in any area, including billing, warehouse or order management, and remote technical support.



Your Own Remote Staff

For Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Internet Research, Data Entry, and Just about Everything Else.

Mindy Supports is a trademark of Steldia Services LTD, was founded by a group of international entrepreneurs in order to help match small and medium-sized businesses with skilled and affordable staff. Our suppliers are based in Ukraine, which allows us to offer savings on staffing of up to 50% without sacrificing on quality. Each of our full or part-time dedicated personal assistants has a higher education and professional background in one of our core competencies – sales, marketing, customer service, warehouse or order management, and remote technical support. You work with your dedicated remote assistant directly, while we take care of the office space, workstations, taxes, and administration


Getting started with Mindy Supports is easy. It all starts with a call from one of our start-up consultants, who will learn more about your business’s needs. Next, our recruiters match you with candidates who have the skill set and background you’re looking for. Once you find a candidate you like, we’ll get your new dedicated remote assistant set up in one of our comfortable office spaces where they’ll have the tools and support they need to help your company succeed.

You have work which can be done remotely

Discuss your needs and requirements for support staff

We set you up with an assistant who fits your requirements

We help to make sure you and your assistant start off on the right foot

We provide support for you and your assistant along the way

Your work is done!


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We are also able to offer you custom assistant rates for multiple assistants. Please contact us for more information.


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  • Our Sales Assistant was exceptional. She was highly competent, spoke and wrote English perfectly, was a quick learner and very capable of working independently. She became a trusted member of our team and provided a very valuable service. The flexibility provided by Mindy, their quick turn-around time, and the professionalism of their stuff allowed us to progress quickly without increasing our head-count.

    Ramzi Mrad, "NoStatik Media"

  • You’ll never feel that they aren’t right in your office, as they make the most of communications technology. These guys are a real class act and would be an asset to any firm looking to outsource some of their business functions

    Kurt W. Snyder., "Colby Direct"

  • In our experience, Mindy Supports offers a high return on investment. Many successful meetings with potential clients were won solely on the work they completed. On a personal note, it was a pleasure working with Tetiana and Evgenia, and certainly should we require their expertise in the future, Mindy Supports will be the first business we speak to.

    Duncan Geoghegan, "Steinbock"



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