Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a growing presence on Etsy or a larger-scale retailer, chances are a large chunk of your time is spent thinking about how to get your products from the warehouse to your customers. While there is plenty of good invoicing and warehouse management software on the market, it’s important to have the right specialist on hand to track orders, manage invoices, respond to customer questions, and troubleshoot potential obstacles to order fulfillment. Mindy Supports provides remote order/warehouse management specialists who will help you negotiate the logistics of getting the products that set your company apart from point A to point B.

Order/warehouse management specialists:

  • Monitor order statuses and address issues that could prevent customers from receiving orders
  • Support your in-house team with order and payment status requests
  • Compose and proof invoices, receipts, and other documentation related to orders
  • Enter order details into a CRM or order management software
  • Liaise with warehouse management companies and shipping firms