Management Team


  • We hired Mindy Support to help us set up appointments with our potential customers in New York, and to conduct some Internet research. I am happy with the results. Everything was done on time. We treat Mindy Supports as an important channel in our sales strategy.

    Justus Beek, "RedRoxx"

  • We decided to penetrate the German market, but weren’t ready to invest heavily in a local sales force before giving it a try first. We hired a German speaking sales assistant via Mindy Supports to test the waters. We had first inquiries soon after, and thus a proof of concept for our strategy to develop our business in Germany. Iuliia did research on our potential customers’ profiles and helped us update our communication strategy for the German market.

    Jochem Sauer, "Spares in Motion"

  • In our experience, Mindy Supports offers a high return on investment. Many successful meetings with potential clients were won solely on the work they completed. On a personal note, it was a pleasure working with Tetiana and Evgenia, and certainly should we require their expertise in the future, Mindy Supports will be the first business we speak to.

    Duncan Geoghegan, "Steinbock"